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Titles of written work

Published Work

Written Across the Genres, anthology 2014

Short stories

"Leaving Jersey", First place winner for fiction short story, the Sue      Tasker Award, April 4, 2009

"The Principal's Principles", First place winner for Non-Fiction Prose  short story, Sue Tasker Award, April 4, 2009  Pleasanton Poetry,  Prose, and Arts Festival.

"Fried Chicken Talks" First place winner for fiction short story, April, 2010 Pleasanton Poetry Prose, and Arts Festival.


"Fried Chicken Talks", published in "More Bridges -- The 2007 San Francisco Writers Conference Anthology" and "The California Writers Literary Review" 2012-13.

"His Seeds" published in Las Positas College Antholgy 2012.

"Spring For All But One", "Waiting for My Brother", and "Immersed in Finding Him" published in annual anthologies by Oakland Writers.

"Enough Time for Christmas" published in the 2012 Harlequin Christmas Anthology by Jennifer Bayse Sander.


Lilli  ~ a YA novel

Eva In The Haight ~ a novel set in 1956 and 1968

Hada's Fog  ~ Women's fiction

Norman In The Picture ~ a paranormal romance novel